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Summer fishing is hot!! by Captain Jim Ross

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Wow, the morning summer temperatures are hot here in central Florida.  Our summer time pre-dawn temps are running in the lower 80 degree range on most days, but the fishing in our waters east of Orlando near Cocoa Beach is just as hot this week.  Our first weekend of the red snapper “mini-season” August 10-12 was a fantastic one!  We crushed the fish!  Our customers had some that were so big they couldn’t even stop them before the fish got us back into the reefs and wrecks that they live on and broke us off.  We have another weekend of this fishing or “open season” on August 17-19 and do have a few available trips if anyone is interested.  In addition to the red snapper, we are getting mangrove snapper, king mackerel, jacks, barracuda, and a few other species.  Closer to shore, the tarpon and sharks are biting in south Cocoa Beach area.  Even though this bite has been pretty good this week, it will only get better as we transition into the latter portion of August and through most of September.  Our fall mullet migration that happens during this time of the year will kick off a feeding frenzy along the coastal near-shore waters.  From Daytona to Cocoa Beach all of the waters east of the Orlando area will be full of hungry fish.  You can see them busting these baitfish out of the water on many days, and it is usually one of the best times of the year to fish here in Central Florida.  In the lagoons,our giant “bull” redfish will  group up to spawn.  When this occurs we compare it to hunting deer during the rut.  The fish go crazy and become very aggressive.  Top water lures, spoons, and live baits get destroyed as these fish enthusiastically attack anything they perceive to be edible.  If your looking for a great time to book a charter, this time of the year is it.  Captain Justin Ross and I hope you can join us for a day or two of fishing while the fish are big, hungry, and not too fussy.  We have weekend and week day trips available,  so come aboard, have some fun, and get in on this hot summer fishing with us.

Let’s go catch your next memory!!

Captain Jim Ross

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