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Spooky fishing conditions near Cocoa Beach are not deterring our catches

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Despite the red tide in some of our near-coastal waters around Coca Beach, we are still managing to find areas of clean water and with that quite a few fish.  Bluefish, Jack, ladyfish, flounder, snook, and redfish are the main species we’re finding on our charters this week.  Live fingerling mullet and Rapala X-Rap lures in the size 10 or 12 are working best for most of these species.  Silver Krocodile or Gator spoons ranging from 1/4 to 3/4 ounce will also get many of these fish to strike.  As we start to get fronts coming in from the north, our coastal waters will begin to cool down.  This will bring even more fish into our area over the next few weeks.  Tripletail, cobia, tarpon, spanish mackerel, and pompano are just a few of the species that should be increasing in numbers during this time period.

Captain Justin and I are getting our customers out on the near shore waters when the seas will allow to  chase all of these fish species.  If the seas and winds are a little to rough to get outside, we are targeting trout, redfish, and black drum in the lagoon systems.  Live and cut baits, Saltwater Assassin soft plastic sea shad or jerk baits have been our “go to” lures for this type of fishing.  These can be worked in a variety of ways to entice the trout and reds to eat.  The black drum have been striking cut crab or live shrimp when we come across a school of them.  Shark fishing will also get better in both the lagoons and near shore waters over the next few weeks and we will get opportunities at bull, black tip, spinner, and a few other varieties of these predators for anglers looking to tangle with “jaws junior”.

If you’re looking for a fun time of the year to fish this is it.  Book your charter online with captain Justin Ross or myself at and we’ll get you out to have some fun on the water with us.


Until next time….Catch a memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross


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